Profitable for the catering trade, simple and inexpensive for employers and staff

The Swiss Lunch-Check cooperative was founded in 1961 by a group of restaurant owners in Zurich with the aim of strengthening the catering sector and offering employers an economical alternative to running their own staff canteen. We still pursue the same goal today with up-to-date services.


  • Lunch-Check is the most popular form of workplace catering in Switzerland with over 9,000 participating catering establishments.
  • Adds variety to the lunch break
  • Promotes social interaction with colleagues and friends
  • Makes a valuable contribution to health and wellbeing
  • Is a fringe benefit provided by your employer
  • Subsidies up to CHF 180 are exempt from social security contributions
  • Is equally popular as a means of payment in school canteens and at events
  • Also available as a popular gift card