The win-win solution for staff meals

More and more companies and administrations of all sizes are adopting Lunch-Check contributions as a way of subsidising staff meals and reaping the rewards. As an employer, you too can invest in the wellbeing of your staff.

The advantages to you

  • Exempt from all social security contributions up to the statutory ceiling
  • No costs for a catering infrastructure – the ideal alternative to the staff restaurant
  • The best and easiest solution for managing staff credit balances, which can also be customised if required
  • Standardised, fair system for all employees, no matter where or how many hours they work
  • Credit can only be used for its designated purpose of paying for meals
  • Promotes healthy eating by providing everything necessary for staff to take a proper break.
  • Increased attractiveness thanks to employee access to the Lunch-Check benefits platform


Advantages for your staff

  • Income-tax-free up to the statutory ceiling
  • Quick and easy payment via app or card, no PIN code needed
  • Option of loading private credit onto the card free of charge
  • Individual and varied choice of meals at over 9,000 catering establishments
  • Eating lunch together helps de-stress, strengthens team spirit and boosts motivation
  • Free access to various fringe benefits at the Lunch-Check benefits platform


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